Safety Record

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Worker Safety

We have had no accidents or injuries, on site or off, for over 8 years.

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Property Safety

In February of 2020, we had an incident in which an exterior Victorian water pipe was exposed during our work. It had been leaking for some time, but as we opened it up in the course of our work, we fixed the problem (same day) until the appropriate party could properly update the system.


Guarantee Fulfilled

In December of 2019 seepage from a neighbouring council house was causing moisture to get in under a new roof. We waterproofed the adjoining wall to prevent any damage or seepage to our customer's home - at no cost to the customer.

In June of 2016 there was an incident in which some material failed. Our guarantee covered both materials and labour and it was made right the day after it was reported - at no cost to the customer.

There have been no other incidents in which our guarantee has been needed - but it's always there for peace of mind.